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Welcome to Skill Up Skillet!

Welcome to Skill Up Skillet. I’ll be your mildly eccentric host, Leisel: Neophyte Gamer and Chef Extraordinaire.

As a gamer, sometimes I get sick of sitting in front of my computer with a bowl of ramen or microwave God-only-knows-what’s-in-this sandwiches. Then I toddle up the stairs and remember, “Oh, yeah! I have a kitchen! I can cook and things and not get yelled at!”. Considering the majority of my family are bakers and restaurant owners, I realized I was doing myself a grave disservice by not getting myself elbow-deep in flour and sugar on a regular basis. I also knew that I had to make cooking fun and inventive to keep myself in the kitchen.

Between my recent stints of heavy Minecraft (playing) and Skyrim (watching), something just clicked: I wanted to make gamer food! (Because of this, look forward to the classic Skyrim Sweet Roll and my much anticipated Minecraft: 1001 Ways to Pork Chop series.) Thus, Skill Up Skillet was born.

Join me as I bravely (or foolishly) attempt to re-create tasty dishes and items from your favorite computer and video games, movies, tv series, and novels. I will try to include as many original recipes as possible, and provide links to my inspiration. It will be a fantastical journey from sci-fi to fantasy, slow cooker soup to fast and easy fudge, across all platforms.

Want to see me make something specific? Make a suggestion! Your suggestion may be concocted into something new and wonderful.

And remember: Cooking IRL does not have to be a Feat of Strength!


ESRB Rating: Teen

Infrequent use of mild-strong language; probable (if minimal) blood, because knives are sharp and pointy; gambling with Insert-Deity-Of-Choice-Here to make my dishes turn out right.