So Bloglovin’ is a thing…

And you will get your damn widget in due time, preferably when WordPress is supported and I don’t have to make my own stuff because it’s too early to think.

Also, it seems strange to type up a post for a simple link to ‘claim my blog’ so let’s do the talking thing, yeah? I don’t suppose I’ve actually made an announcement regarding a recent site update so let’s talk about that.


Hear ye, hear ye!

The Tag Cloud of Murkiness has dissipated!

I say, the tag cloud has fled into the countryside!

In its stead, we now give rise

to a swanky new site feature:

Feed Your Fandom.

No longer will you be left

in a Land of Confusion,

burdened by an ever-growing list of obscure ingredients and references.

Sing now your praises!

Your never-ending quest for The Doctor,

for the Ring, your diamonds and Dragon Shouts,

I tell you my friend:

Your quest has reached its epic conclusion!

Yay,your princess is in this castle!

‘Tis cause for celebration!

Squire, fetch the ale;

Fool, the band and maidens fair

for you can now gaze upon this menu

and select your feast of fancy,

your bountiful banquet.


Right – it’s 7am on a Monday, I’ve had one cup of coffee, and I can’t do this anymore. You can now search for recipes by clicking on your favorite fandom. Legend of Zelda? Sonic the Hedgehog? Super Mario? We’ve got that. Check out the new Feed Your Fandom menu on the left when you have a chance. It’s pretty sweet. You can actually find cool stuff you want now.

Stay tuned for FFVII on Thursday.



Remember, cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a Feat of Strength!


8 thoughts on “So Bloglovin’ is a thing…”

  1. I might do a post regarding a blog update, but usually it’s so I can get feedback about design or usefulness or stuff like that.

    Wonderful proclamation!


  2. I claimed my wordpress blog, and I just added the link they gave my wordpress blog pasting the HTML code at the bottom of my post using the HTML editor. It did not give me a widget, but a weblink at the bottom of most recent my post. I do not know what happens if you click it! Some time ago, I got the “old” bloglovin widget which resides on my sidebar. They won’t let me get the “new” black one. Followers have not changed on bloglovin in a month of Sundays, so I do not know if it is working, or my popularity has remained very “stable.”


    1. Forget everything I just said. it all disappeared before my very eyes! I saw it–I swear! I need more coffee. In fact, put me out of my misery and delete me as delusional!


  3. I don’t think claiming your blog on Bloglovin’ will give you a widget, greg1948. I made my own using their downloadable thingy and the WordPress image widget. It turned out alright. I don’t think I’ve claimed my blog yet, though (can’t remember!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are correct on the widget thing. To claim your blog, I think you have to walk around to all the corners of your blog and put in stakes! Better bring some food and water with you.


  4. What IS it with that whole Bloglovin thing? For me, it just doesn’t seem to be a very friendly place. I claimed, I followed intriguing writers, I proffered praise-filled commentary. Result = nada. Am I just the whiny distant-cousin that everybody hopes doesn’t show up at the family reunion? Sigh. Anyway, let’s bring this back around into the sunshine. Your proclamation was inspiring, and may your squires always fetch the ale in a timely and satisfying manner… 😉


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